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About Mamalode

What is Mamalode?
We are a multi-platform media company for moms (and dads!) We curate and create content and events (print, online and live) that change the conversation around parenting - we are inspiring, gutsy and informative. The most important thing to us is that our audience TRUSTS US. 

A little Mamalode history: We started with $400 and set out to make a local magazine. We did it. And then our amazing audience started sending print magazines all over the world. Our audience of readers and writers grew. All of a sudden this local magazine was a print, online and events platform that was reaching people worldwide

Why Patreon?
We love what we do. We are determined to have a business model as meaningful as our product, which is a tricky thing to do in the world of media. Our content is FREE. We pay writers, while so many of the huge sites do not.* Your support of this movement makes it possible for us to stay centered on meaning, community and access.

When Lisa Stone (co-founder of BlogHer) called us "America's BEST parenting magazine," we were humbled, and motivated. Now we need support so we can continue to focus on this quality while we work to become America's BIGGEST parenting magazine as well.

How does it work?
Simple... You pitch in at a level that feels good to you, we work our buns off to make sure we are worthy of your support. Some levels come with thanks, some come with goodies.

*see our submission guidelines for payment policies.
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Proof we are doing something that you value. This is one of our first forays into asking our audience to contribute. When we hit this number we will do a jig, bow down, and then get back to work and keep making Mamalode even better. Once we hit this goal, we will start setting goals specific to: Donating our THEME partnership on our website, new platforms, global domination, etc.
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