Monica a.k.a. Maman on the Trail is creating Outdoor Family Content

Pocket Change

$1 /mo
I pledge to send the proverbial loose change from my pockets each month, simply because I adore Maman on the Trail and feel compelled to help out. I recognize that I won't get any special treatment...

Trail Pass

$5 /mo
I love Maman on the Trail just like I love local green spaces, and want to give back as much as I get. So, I'll send along the equivalent of an annual Trail Pass ($60/year) in easy-to-swallow month...

Backcountry Camping Permit

$10 /mo
I love Maman on the Trail enough that I'd consider camping with her, in the backcountry. That's quite the commitment, and I want her to know that's how I feel, so I'll send along the equivalent of ...

Forest School Apprenctice

$20 /mo
I think Maman on the Trail is inspiring and want to help her reach new heights. I would love to see her participate in a Forest and Nature School Practitioners' Course and share her knowledge with ...