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About Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo

Mesi Anpil! (Thank you) for stopping by! Vodou (not voodoo) is the national religion of Haiti. I am a Mambo Asogwe, the rank of service, and I want to share my journey in this amazing faith with all of you! I initiated in Jacmel, Haiti in January 2003. I came back home, raised Sosyete du Marche, Inc. as a 501c3 charity, and began serving the community both in Philadelphia and Haiti. We donate to a variety of folks like the Pazapa orphanage (we did speech therapy projects for their new center in Jacmel.) We serve here in Philly by knitting for NICQs units and cancer wards. We involve ourselves locally where we can, whenever we can. We try to think global and act local. I am also a published author. You can find me here on Amazon. I have written seven books to date on Haitian Vodou and prayers. My newest is Sevis Lwa: Vibrational Crossroad of Vodou.

My Patreon offerings will include discounts on current works of art, previews of my current writing projects (Four Circles Workbook, herbs, and tarot.) The Four Circles Class is now hosted here on Patreon. The current students are working and posting here under the lessons. Our current semester is under way. And I will share my journey as a Mambo Asogwe, as I find new ways of serving the Lwas. The Spirit lays its hand wherever its image is - be it through art, music, writing or speaking. Service to the Lwa is a dynamic exercise. It has been my life's calling to serve them. Now, I invite you to come on my journey, as I walk with Spirit and you!

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When I reach $500.00 per month, I'll put 10% of that into the Sosyete du Marche Inc.'s coffers, to help me offset the expense of projects and services that I give to the community. (Project expenses such as materials for my NICQ blankets; personal hygiene essentials for my military packages.  I will also donate $40 of that $500 to the Jakmel Art Centre in Jacmel, Haiti. They help LGBTQ folks as well as new artists find their voices. A very worthy cause. If I make more than $500, then 20% of whatever will go toward these stated goals.
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