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About ManaStack

ManaStack is a suite of tools for creating and playtesting Magic: The Gathering decks. 

ManaStack features an easy to use visual deck builder, card database, playtesting sandbox, and a great community of Magic players. Since 2014 we've worked towards being the best site for Magic deck building. We host hundreds of thousands of decks made by a community of your fellow magic players. 

ManaStack is more than just a deck building website though - we aim to be a platform for a better digital experience interacting with Magic. We're developing tools for deck analysis such as card recommendations powered by AI, online collaborative deck testing, and even a virtual reality deck building platform.

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ManaStack does not run any third party ads to respect user privacy and keep the experience clean. We’re also continuing to put development effort into technologies that have significant computational costs. By supporting us on Patreon, we can continue to give everyone an ad-free experience and continue further development. 

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The $1 tier lets you help us keep the lights on without feeling like you’re even making a financial decision. Nice right?

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  • Deck Builder Assistant (AI card recommendations + more)
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The $20 tier is for those who want us to really keep moving forward - we'll ship you some physical ManaStack pins as a special thank you.

We're incredibly thankful for the support the Magic community has given us - with your help the future can be even brighter! Click "Become a patron" to get started. 
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Native Android/iOS App Development

We'd like to create native mobile apps for iOS and android that offer better functionality than our mobile web app currently supports. 
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