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Discord & Guides

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Donating at this Tier will unlock our Patron Only Discord Chat Channel. You will also have access to all Patreon Events as well as posts that have mini-guides, tips for building wealth, building yo...

Flip Mastery

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Unlock access to the Flip-Stream! A constantly updating massive list of items for RS3 with their buy and sell prices to flip and earn easy millions! Videos show you in depth how to flip effectively...

Money Making Guides

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Unlock Money Making Methods! Get the best methods when they still work and make millions or even billions before the rest of the players! We have existing methods earning 10m/hr+ and methods with h...

Investing Mastery

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 Unlock Investing Mastery at this tier. Lists of items to invest in that rise over time. Master forum flipping and crush the profits on DXP and even after DXP. If you want to earn money without eve...

OSRS/07Scape Flipping + Money Methods

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Are you ready to earn huge amounts of gp? Flipping & Money Making Methods for OSRS all packed into 1 package! A whole new discussion channel and flipping section unlocked in the Discord. Prices...

Billionaire Flipping Club

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Unlock the Billionaire Flipping Club. Flip high end items with club members including Manatee Gaming himself. Nox, Nex, 3rd Age, T92's/T90's, Dyes, Rares, and more. Buys and sells posted as well as...

Manatee Master Pass

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This is the grand master pass. The pass of passes. For those that want it all, plus more. Your generous donation means a lot! This pass includes everything in previous tiers plus early access to Mo...

True Sponsor Pass

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This is only for the most dedicated and truly supportive fans. Ever wanted to tell your friends you actually sponsor a player? Officially sponsor a channel? Well now you do. You will receive everyt...

Legendary Faceless Giffin Riding in the Rocket Powered Lambo Pass

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You would truly need to be crazy for this one. Crazy awesome that is! This pass was originally named by a Manatee Gaming fan. In March 2017 it's name was updated for another Patreon member. It's ba...