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  • Series 1-4 of The ManBuyCow Podcast (27 episodes) - the original edits
  • Doctor Who: Conflict - a 5-part Worst Writer story exclusive to Patreon
  • Grett Binchleaf & the Adventure of the People Turning into Books (12 chapters), The Adventure of the Glow-in-the-Dark Chickens (12 chapters), and The Adventure of the Very Bad Dog (8 chapters)
  • all the extended Worst Writer in the World episodes so far
  • Champagne for Breakfast - a Worst Writer story that we read on Live Stream
  • videos of Mister Fluck, Mike & Brian, Hitler, and more

and in the future:
  • Early access to Worst Writer episodes
  • we'll add you to the Secret Gang Facebook Group (upon request) so you can interact with us and other like-minded pillocks


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Immediately get:
  • all 14 chapters of Grett Binchleaf & the Adventure of the Time-Bending Men
  • all 13 chapters of Grett Binchleaf & the Adventure of the Infinitely Big House
  • the first five episodes of The ManBuyCow Podcast, series 5

and in the future:
  • the next Grett Binchleaf adventure, as we write it
  • The Secret Gang Podcast - could be chat, could be a live stream, could be a Grett Binchleaf chapter. IT'S SUPER EXCITING!
  • new episodes of The ManBuyCow Podcast AS SOON AS WE FINISH THEM! Anything up to a year BEFORE the public release 

and EVERYTHING that the $2 tier gets


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Immediately get:
  • all the chapters so far of The Museum of Mystorical Artefacts (and Crabs) - a brand new book starring Grett Binchleaf, Henrietta & Dagenham
  • The Worst Grett Binchleaf Writer in the World - a video & live stream series in which we read old Binchleaf chapters and berate ourselves for being rubbish and offensive
  • the first FOUR Grett Binchleaf Audiobooks (the unedited original versions - otherwise available from our website for $30)
  • other Grett Binchleaf short story episodes, including Tree Pig Fairy Tales, A Binchleaf Christmas Carol, and many more
  • ManBuyCow & Friends: Alive! - a two-hour video of Rufus & Howard performing characters from ManBuyCow, and reading a choose-your-own Grett Binchleaf adventure live in London
  • over 100 other videos, including The Origin of Mister Fluck

and in the future:
  • many more chapters of  The Museum of Mystorical Artefacts (and Crabs) as we write them, meaning people on this tier get new episodes once or twice a week!

and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that the lower two tiers get. Seriously - just add all that stuff onto this list!



About Rufus & Howard

Hello. We are Rufus & Howard. We write, perform and produce three free audio shows: The Worst Writer in the World, The ManBuyCow Podcast & The Adventures of Grett Binchleaf, Private Eye. We're on The Telegraph's list of best comedy podcasts, we've been recommended by the Guardian, and we were nominated for a BBC Audio Award. If you haven't heard our shows, check them out for free on The British Comedy Guide, or on our website.


This Patreon thing is simple: you subscribe and we give you exclusive audio and video entertainment, which only is available to Patreon subscribers. (like an ongoing kickstarter where, instead of waiting for one reward at the end - you get amazing stuff every week)

The more of you who chip in, the more time we can dedicate to making ManBuyCow, The Worst Writer in the World, and Grett Binchleaf (who especially appreciates it when people chip in).

Rest assured: the main shows will always remain free. But with financial support, we'll have the means to create much more stuff, produce extra episodes, bonus content, music videos, and maybe even live shows or Grett Binchleaf action figures!

If you have any questions before (or after) signing up, feel very free to contact us by email, or on facebook or twitter.

Thanks in advance!

Rufus & Howard
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