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About Chris Burke

Help us create and expand a dark and strange sonic world that you can visit each week. 

Mandible Judy is a horror fiction podcast, a story told with some great voice acting from our exceptional cast, rich and evocative sound design and an appropriately dark and brooding score. We have grown beyond the original series with a spin-off called Under Dead Water.

The story grew out of a horror synth release I put out in the Summer of 2019 as glomag.
From the short voice over vignette in the beginning of the title track grew an entire story. Taking place in a suburb of Connecticut, it involves a deranged dentist, his suspicious receptionist, a visiting geologist, and a nine year old girl whose strange transformation into a beastly terror causes panic in the small town of Mudscoggin.

I started this Patreon page to pay my hard-working cast and offset my production and hosting costs. I was extremely lucky to have tapped into such a talent pool whose portrayals of my characters inspires me in building the world that Mandible Judy inhabits.

I make music and visual art pretty much non-stop. I started in film in the 80s with a series of horror and action film soundtracks. You might know some of them: The Toxic Avenger… Splatter University… And I worked in production on some classic horror including Charles Kaufman's "Mother's Day", Lucio Fulci's "Manhattan Baby" and "The New York Ripper", as well as Enzo Castellari's "1990: The Bronx Warriors", "Escape From The Bronx" and "Warriors Of The Wasteland."
In 2001 I started making chip music under the name glomag and toured around the US, Europe and Australia. In 2005 I co-created, hosted and directed the machinima Talk Show "This Spartan Life", which ran for 10 years.
I have recently jumped back into film scoring and my love of vintage horror films has inspired a number of new releases on bandcamp, vinyl and CD. In 2019, Terror Vision Records released my remastered soundtrack to the first film I scored, Richard Haines's Splatter University (1984). 
Music with a strong visual component has always been my thing and Mandible Judy is a way for me to write more horror synth scores to a project I am conceiving myself. I am thoroughly excited to dive into this and the episodes are flying off the page and into the hands of my amazing cast. Please consider helping us make a really rich and haunting world for your ears.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

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When I hit $150 per episode, I will begin sending payments to my amazing cast.

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