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Patron Silver star + colored nickname + no disconnection by AFK 
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Ability to play instruments! Shawarma for endless energy!

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A unique ingame items - Blue Lamp (rainproof) and  

three-colored Umbrella!



About Realm Guardians

Welcome to the Patreon page of ManeQuest project!

We're a small group of developers working on a ManeQuest project! Right now we are making an online game - PonyClub! Welcome to Alpha test!

In this game you will be able to customise your character, play mini-games, solve riddles and discover other secrets, which will be added as the game develops. And you can do it all online with other players on a big server!

The more people support us - the sooner we'll be able to open bigger the servers to everyone!

There is a little add-on for the game on our site already. It will take it's part in the game and will be constantly updated.
Try Dream Maker on our website.
(Or you can download it from Google Play)

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