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Pixie is the starter's tier. I'm still teaching myself how to draw manga, but your small yet generous gift will help give me incentive to please my patrons. In return, until I can actually give a physical or digital incentive, you'll receive a personalized message from me and a virtual hug! Plus a free mini by Christmas!

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Halfings are impatient, but in a good way. They want to see my work sooner. Your generous gift gets the pixie incentives, plus a poll to help me with my first actual incentive!

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Elves want to help in the creative process of making my actual incentives. Elves will get all previous incentives, plus talking with me 1-on-1 to help design my minis once I do them regularly!




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About MangaMinis

I love drawing manga, but I haven't for years. Within the past several months, I got into Dungeons and Dragons. I wanted multiple miniatures, but I couldn't afford to buy tons of them, so I have decided to draw my own. It will help me get back into the habit of drawing manga, and maybe help me make a little extra money, if others like my artwork.
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When I reach $50 a month, I will send each patron a custom mini on their birthday! (One time deal)
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