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I am a young italian creating Tabletop Simulator Mods with original gameplay and design.

Currently I have two main Tabletop Simulator Mods that I am working on:

- World of Shipgirls, a solo-coop TTS mod which is based on several shipgirl games and allows player to collect these ships and employ them in missions, with a gameplay partially inspired by the main games, but with significant changes (less RNG, first of all!). Collect shipgirls, prepare your fleets, face enemies and free the ocean from the Abyssals!

- UNIVERSUS//Empyrean, an expandible game framework, based on the exploration of worlds, RPG elements and combat. Travel between different universes, face different enemies, use powerful spells or technologies, gain Fragments and access the Empyrean!

Already released in the Workshop:

- Valkyria Chronicles DUELS: Rewritten Chronicles
Based on the Valkyria Chronicles saga and from a now dead browser game, VCD:RC takes players in a versus scenario, where strategy is fundamental. Collect characters from the original saga and use them wisely to claim victory!
$0 of $50 per month
When I will reach $50 per month, I will be able to release World of Shipgirls in the Workshop and also the template cards for everyone to be available.
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