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is creating Animation, Music, and Games
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About Joshua Lykkeberg (MangoQuaffer)

Who I Am:

I am an animator and musician.

I make animations in 2D and VR.
I have done 5 animated music videos in a little over a year.
I also make Metal/Punk music under the name The Residuals.

My Goal:

I am creating animation, music, and games that push emotional and physical boundaries.  In my music and in my art, I want to put people on edge and tackle topics that make people uncomfortable.  I like making my animations high energy and dreamlike.

With your help, whether it be by donating as little as $1 here on Patreon, showing your friends my work, or recommending me to filmmakers in need of animation, you are helping me achieve my dream of creating art to inspire others to do what they love to do.

Any money from Patreon goes upgrading/getting exciting new equipment to further my animation journey, merchandise, and living expenses.

Where I'm Headed:

My current projects are:
- My 2nd music album which will have at least one animated music video.  My next videos will be using techniques I learned from the music video commission I have done so far.  I will be using a combination of VR animation with 2D clean up and line-work.  Utilizing the benefits of VR/3D animation with the style and character of 2D animation.
- I am also working on a game currently called "Maru" with Nicholas Advincula (Character and Story) and Nicholas Delgado (Environments).  It's a 2.5D Bounty Hunter Action RPG with 2D illustrations in a 3D environment.  We hope to make a fun, emotional, and visually different game.

Thank You:

Whatever you decide to do after reading this, whether donating a little bit, donating massive amounts because you can't wait to see all the cool shit I'm about to make... or you just tell people about me so people can see my work, or just plain enjoy my videos, thank you.

Let's make cool stuff together!

Check out my website after you're done here at:

Keep up to date with immediate behind the scenes content on my Instagram Story:
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