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About Man of Recaps

Welcome to the Man of Recaps!

My mission is to create THE BEST recap videos! My general rules:
  • Straight to the point - no long YouTuber intros
  • Edited like a Pro - the best video clips in the best order
  • Funny! - I'm pretty funny sometimes

My journey started years ago when I searched YouTube for a Game of Thrones recap video. What I found was extremely disappointing. Armed with my super video editing skills, super fast talking skills, and a ton of dumb jokes, I became the MAN OF RECAPS!

My goal is to make a new Recap every week! But unfortunately YouTube ad revenue for a medium-sized channel like mine isn't nearly enough to survive on, so I'm wasting a ton of my time on "real" jobs that pay money.

That's why we're here on Patreon! If you love my Recaps, and appreciate the blood sweat and tears that go into making them, just a small contribution from you can help turn my life's passion into a real job! I can start cranking out way more incredible Recaps for you to enjoy, PLUS you can get in on some Patreon exclusives! 

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This would be amazing! I can start passing on some paid video gigs and focus more time on Recaps! More great content for you guys, and I get to stop fighting the clock constantly to get Recaps out in time.
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