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Mantality is 2 years old. It was set up to create a platform which wouldn’t shy away from life’s challenges or put a sugar coat on them, but instead to focus on how best to navigate the world and to equip people with the right tools to face, and overcome, those difficulties.

Ultimately we want to equip men to be more honest and in tune with themselves and what they are capable of. And we have begun to do that, every week we get messages from people we have already helped and inspired.

But we want to do more.

The Need
  • Male suicide is still at epidemic proportions with suicide being the most likely cause of death for men under 45.
  • The male identity is at a crisis point with damaging stereotypes of the strong silent type, the breadwinner, the alpha male still prevalent.
  • Men are less likely to seek help and and often suffer in silence.

What We Want to Do
  • Launch our ‘Mantality in Education’ programme equipping young boys with the correct tools to deal with their feelings and be aware of their mental health. We want to be proactive as well as reactive when it comes to dealing with this issue.
  • Run more workshops throughout the year giving men the opportunity to learn about themselves, form better habits and expand their comfort zones. These will range from half a day to a full weekend retreat.
  • Increase our Podcast output with relevant, regular content to encourage and inspire you.
  • Create a pool of like minded people who support our work and will get access to special events and Mantality gatherings.

We don’t want to rely on traditional sources of funding - for this to work we want all of us to make this change happen together and we want you to have a stake in it, however small.

Everything you give will go back into building and spreading the Mantality movement.

Help us continue to grow and make a difference to society.

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