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About MantiCore

Kevin Aghai aka MantiCore was born 1993 in Innsbruck, AUT.
Since a very young age he dreamed about being a musician someday, but couldn't find the "right" style for his compassion, so the dream kind of got lost on the way while growing up.
BUT in 2010 it all changed dramatically as he visited his first Psychedelic Trance Party and fell in love with psychedelic music. Since then he listened almost only to psy - music , starting with progressive-/ Psy - Trance , over forest darkpsy to his ONE AND ONLY LOVE PSYCOREDELIC thanks to master Psykovsky back in 2011 on Paradise Festival, AUT !!!!!!
There he really got started with not only hearing music but also mixing and producing music.
2012 : 1st DJ - ACt queensclub ibk
2013: joined Galactic Crew and renamed from Psychotabasco to MantiCore
MY INSPIRATIONS(now) : Yaminahua , Calyptratus , Kasatka , Dark Whisper , Zuvuya , Richard Devine , Will O WIsp , Glosolalia , CinderVomit , Luuli , Igorrr, ALpscore , Infra .....
My goal with music is to reach peoples minds and emotions and give back at least a part of what has been given to me through music. Music has taught me to be the best version of myself that i could possibly be and never to stop trying!
This Patreon Account is an attempt to make a sustainable living or create at least a little financial relieve for me to keep on making music. 
I will come up with rewards for supporters e.g. Video Tutorials, Remix Stems, Sample Packs, Early Access to unreleased music, Project Files etc. 

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