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Woah!!! $5?! How sweet of you! In return, you'll get Access to WIP Music, Scripts, Chatacter Design Sheets, and you'll be in my thoughts all day.

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Woah! You really love my work, huh?! Or you're trying to get sweet on me . Either way, you're going to get a very special reward: Demos! I'll release tech demos periodically, to which you'll get 100% exclusive access. There will be a lot of content that may not even be in the final game, and this will be the only way to see it!




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About Mantis Games

My name is Jamie. I make up the lead designer, music creator, sound designer, graphic artist, writer, and every other position at Mantis Games. I am a one-person Indie Developer. Mantis Games began in 2016 when I published my first game, "Orchard Tap", on the Android App Store. I have since released one other game, "Jump!" Which was released on in early 2019.
Now I'm working hard to bring you all a more compelling, emotional experience with Cassettes (Tentative title!) With poetry, voice acting, multiple levels, and tons of features. I fully intend to release this game for $0.99, and with the workload ahead, supporting me will support a struggling Indie Developer who just wants to bring weird, beautiful games into the world any way they can.
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At $50 I'll release to every Patron the Proof of Concept Demo. which it very silly and is never-before-seen!
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