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About Man Tools Media

Eric Madrid & Trevor Lane have been passionate about developing boys into good men since 1994 when they first met as counselors at a Boy Scout Camp in Colorado. 20+ years later this passion continues through Man Tools. Named after the book Man Tools: A Self-help Guide for Single Moms Raising Boys by Eric Madrid. Man Tools then became an internet radio show, and is now a multimedia platform, that takes this idea in a new direction. That new direction involves lifelong friends Eric and Trevor helping men be better men as well as helping boys become men. With topics like health, fashion, man food, sports, man tools rules... and more!!! All wrapped up in a comic video format that is man oriented and woman friendly!!!
About your hosts:
Eric Madrid is an Eagle Scout who operates several businesses including Madrid Maintenance and Clubhouse Studios as well as being the godfather of Man Tools. As an entrepreneur and maintenance man, he sees first-hand the decline of masculinity and a new generation of boys becoming men with no clue how to use simple tools or what manliness really means. In many cases this results in boys becoming tools themselves, so he wrote the book and started the show Man Tools to help right some of these wrongs.

Trevor Lane is an Army veteran, husband, and dad who knows a thing or two about manliness and living the manly virtues of strength, mastery, courage, and honor. As a strength athlete he knows what is means to be strong. As a telecommunications professional of 20+ years he has mastered technical skills. As an Army veteran he has displayed courage and garnered honor among other men. And as a father raising two girls he has a vested interest in the quality of men to come.

Your patronage will allow us to continue improving our content and it will help us to make our community outreach program "Give Mom a Hand" a reality. We’re partnering with Madrid Maintenance for a new community outreach program called “Give Mom a Hand.” This program was involves fan-nominated  single moms in the Colorado Springs area who need some kind of home repair project done, then we select a monthly recipient who will receive the assistance of Madrid Maintenance in completing that repair pro bono. 

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