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The MATN Awesome Club
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Absolutely all patrons get access to my monthly Patroncast, which is a look behind the scenes of Many A True Nerd, as well as Jon, Claire & Tabby too. You'll hear about all the new stuff I'm planning first, and the Patroncasts also act as an ongoing ask-me-anything, so you can get any questions you've ever had about the channel answered.

Plus, you get access to the Patron lounge where I hang out and chat on Discord, and a discount on our merchandise.

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Buy Jon A Coffee
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You get exactly the same as everybody else - the Patroncast, the Discord Patron lounge, and a discount on the merchandise - but you also get a warm feeling from supporting Jon to the tune of a coffee every month. You can even imagine drinking the coffee with Jon if you'd like.
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Buy Jon A Fancy Coffee
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Exactly the same as above, but now in the imaginary coffee shop, you've bought Jon a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, and are clearly just showing off.
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Netflix and Jon
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Exactly the same as everybody else, except you've decided that Jon is worth the same as Netflix's basic streaming package. And that's high praise, as that's where we in the UK get our Rick & Morty from.
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