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The only available tier at the moment.  Mainly it's for my benefit as a regular source of income means I can devote more time to writing stories and CYOA scenarios.  However, I do want to give the people that support me something, so if you back me you will get:

• First look at my new stories and scenarios before I publish them.

• Behind-the-scenes glimpses at my ideas file and thought processes.

• Thoughts on how to make "perfect" erotic monster girl games.

• The knowledge that your contributions will allow me to continue to create new sexy stories and characters.




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Welcome to the succubus bordello. There are sensual delights aplenty here, though the payment may not be in coin...

I am Many-Eyed Hydra. I write erotic horror tales featuring seductive succubi and other sexy monster girls. These demon girls will give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares. My protagonists don't always survive to morning, but they always get to enjoy themselves.

Most of my stories can be found on Literotica, where I've been delighting and terrifying readers in equal measure for over a decade. If you want to get a feel for what I write, a fairly extensive back catalogue of my work can be found here. I've also had two novels and six collections of short stories published through Excessica, which can be found on major book retailers such as Amazon.

Currently I'm experimenting with some projects that aren't as easy to package up and sell as ebooks. Over the last couple of years I've been creating a bestiary of the various exotic delights found in H-space, a strange dimension adjacent to ours filled with beautiful (and deadly!) succubi and monster girls. More recently I've been creating erotic gamebook scenarios with Twine. The first, "Escape the Arachne", can be read here. I have others planned and currently in progress. I'd like to expand these further with sexy artwork and voice acting, which will require money to commission them from other artists.

Primarily, like all creators, I'm looking for a regular source of income so I can continue to create these tales of sexy succubi and mischievous monster girls. My royalties already help a lot, but they are also irregular. I'd like a back-up, regular source of funding, if only to reassure myself I won't end up penniless and dead in a ditch in my old age. Thankfully, I have very frugal living requirements. Whatever I make above what I need to survive I intend putting back in and using to commission artwork and maybe develop some of my ideas into a more commercial game.

At the moment this Patreon stuff is new to me, hence only the one backer tier. Once I get my feet off the ground and have a better idea of what I'm doing, I intend offering higher tiers to give backers more input in the stories and CYOA scenarios (although the final decisions will always be mine). For now, backers will get early access to my work before I publish it. I'll also post various story snippets, plot ideas and some of my behind-the-scenes thoughts on various stories and gamebook programming.

Most importantly, you'll have my eternal gratitude for enabling me to continue doing what I enjoy most — telling erotic (and sometimes horrifying) tales of delightfully delectable succubi and other sexy femme fatales.
$284.25 of $666 per month
My cult will finally perform the obscene rite to open a way to our world for a swarm of succubi to enter and claim us all in a sensual orgy beyond even the most depraved imaginings.

Oh wait, I wasn't supposed to let that out. Let's just pretend I never said it. Mad author here, tee hee hee.

Actually, that number probably isn't that far off what I need to cover the everyday, boring monthly expenses.

It absolutely won't be used to bring about the end of the world through hellish succubus invasion.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts

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