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About Many Words

Hello! We're Many Words Press: me, author Jay Slater, and my colleague, defense affairs blogger John Brimlow.

At the main website, Many Words, I produce serial fiction twice a week and e-books on an occasional basis, with a focus on action-packed adventure all across the speculative fiction spectrum. Viking-flavored fantasy? We've got it. 1930s zeppelins-and-skypirates? Yup. Naval war in space? That too.

At the Soapbox, John writes articles on defense affairs, with a focus toward deep analysis of military equipment, its history and development, and its modern use and deployment. I jump in with occasional game reviews and narrative-style let's plays. We also record a monthly podcast which covers some of the same ground, in addition to topics in gaming, technology, firearms, and more.

Like most writers, we have day jobs; like most writers, we dream of not needing them. In the near term, however, that is not a realistic dream. What we're looking to do with Patreon is a little more down to earth. First off, we're hoping to cover our hosting expenses. The $20-per-month goal to the left explains in a little more detail.

After that, our plans are a little more up in the air. Some of the things we're considering include further improvements to our podcasting setup at the Soapbox, cover art and marketing at Many Words in an effort to make the fiction arm self-sustaining, and some various Soapbox-related expenditures which you can read about in the $40-per-month goal.

So, why Patreon? Well, for one, we aren't fans of modern ad networks. While we aren't opposed to advertisements or sponsored content, we are opposed to allowing some random yobbo to inject JavaScript into our websites. Since selling advertising isn't in either of our wheelhouses, we've decided to go directly to our readers.

For another, we prefer the community interaction. Although our first concern is writing things we find interesting, coming in just behind it is writing things our readers find interesting. As we grow Many Words Press, we want to bring you along for the journey. If that sounds good to you, we invite you to take a look at the reward tiers to the right and do what you can. We look forward to your patronage!
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Let's start with an easy one. $20 per month covers our web hosting expenses, including:

  • The web server, which should suffice for the foreseeable future. We'll run out of bandwidth long before we run out of server processing power.
  • Podcast and image hosting. We consider the latter especially important for the Soapbox. Many of the pictures John posts are unavailable elsewhere, and we're committed to keeping them up for future military hardware geeks to enjoy.
  • Domain names.
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