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About Jason Unruhe

My name is Jason Unruhe and I run the Maoist Rebel News YouTube channel. For the past 12 years I have been providing news and commentary from a Marxist perspective. I'm also a political commentator for PressTV. I feel that I provide a service by creating videos. In addition to news I also provide economic analysis, educational videos, and refutations of competing economic ideologies, some pop culture critique and a reliable source of information on North Korea.

Along with the news videos, I also produce a companion blog where I discuss a wide variety of topics. They include feminism, responses to claims and blogs, explaining certain theories, movie reviews and other forms of commentary.

In addition to this, I have also self-published 15 books. They vary on a wide range of topics from political economy, to politics, to economics. My most recent works were a simple explanation of economic crisis from the Marxist perspective and a criticism of Songun, the "military first" policy of North Korea.

With your financial support I hope to keep producing quality content that challenges the main stream narrative of bourgeois democracy to bring information from a class perspective.
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