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hi everybody!

my name is maple syrup and i am the admin and maintainer of Computer Fairies, a safe-space Mastodon instance. running the instance plus other services has a monthly cost of US$40 (Linode 4GB + Linode Block Volume Storage for Computer Fairies, Linode 2GB for Transbian Alliance and other services).

on top of that, i make a lot of other cool stuff, such as 9 Bandcamp albums, work on plenty of different coding projects, including a component-minimal LED badge (video) and i used to make a weekly live webshow where i tackled games i've never heard of before.

money from this patreon page will help make sure i can continue working on these things while i am still getting my information systems bachelors' degree. it will be used to cover the bills for the server i rent and to help pay for whatever meds i can't get from healthcare, while any surplus will be kept for buying materials for future projects, saved in case of emergencies or redistributed to other fundraisers.

thank you so much for reading this far and i hope you enjoy the things i do! if you would like to talk to me personally, feel free to contact me at the links on my webpage!
$63 of $100 per month
rough estimate cost for servers + meds monthly
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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