Mara Acoma

is creating Photographic Art with a Spiritual Gothic Twist
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About Mara Acoma

Welcome to the world of 'The Denizens', I hope we'll be able to journey together for a while exploring this magical and mystical realm.

Who am I? My name is Mara and I'm a fellow traveller on the quest for peace, knowledge and spiritual understanding. My journey began when my mother became terminally ill with cancer and I turned to photography and art as a coping mechanism while I cared for her. My alter ego, who I call 'The Ghost', became my guide through that turbulent time using the medium of photographic art. Creating images about emotions and big spiritual questions. Since my mothers passing I've continued on this journey, exploring the magical realm of 'The Denizens' where spirit, magic and self-discovery meet with the archetypes of nature.  Seeking an answer to the question 'What If...'

I'd like to invite you to become a part of that journey with me after all some journeys are worth taking.

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