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About Dr. Marc Champagne

I made the decision to become a philosopher on September 11th 2001, because I believe that having more critical thinkers around makes my world a safer place. I haven't taken a day off since.

I have two PhDs, one in Philosophy of Mind from York University in Toronto and another in Philosophy of Signs (Semiotics) from the University of Quebec in Montreal. I did my post-doctoral work at the University of Helsinki and have taught philosophy at York University, Trent University, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University (my current home).

In the long run, the most effective way to combat bad ideas is to articulate better ideas. The overarching aim of my work, then, is to develop a pro-individualism and pro-reason stance that has all the appeal of religion but none of its dogmatic or supernatural drawbacks. As I explain in my book Myth, Meaning, and Antifragile Individualism, attaining such a secular but enchanted worldview "requires (among other things) a viable theory of values, a viable theory of consciousness, a viable theory of meaning, and a viable theory of aesthetic experience and ritual" (2020, p. 181). This difficult endeavor is possible only in a climate of open inquiry and free speech.

You can read my books and articles here https://kwantlen.academia.edu/MarcChampagne
and here https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Marc_Champagne

If you enjoy my work and want to offer your support, you can contribute via this website (or make a one-time payment using https://ko-fi.com/marcchampagnephilosopher).

I am truly grateful for your assistance.



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