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Your monthly contribution makes a BIG impact on my music. So I'm gonna take you behind-the-scenes of my music and my life. Your generosity allows me to create new music, podcasts, and videos. Thank you for supporting the production and promotion of my chosen career.


  • DOWNLOAD new MP3s that are recorded and mixed before they are released. Plus get rough mixes  of new songs
  • EARLY ACCESS to some publicly available content
  • GO BEHIND-THE-SCENES with the Stories from the Road podcast. I share my adventures, thoughts and news exclusively with you.
  • LEARN how to play my songs with PDF sheet music. Make a request for a song you'd like to learn.
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Wow! We are gonna make beautiful music together. Your generosity will go directly towards hiring musicians and studio engineers, creating graphics, and printing physical CDs. You are the backbone of my music. YOU ARE MY HERO!

 You'll get 

  • Everything above, plus 
  • BOOTLEG concert recordings 
  • SAVE 20% off everything in my store!  
  • ACCESS to over 40 Bootleg Concerts, both audio and video and 7 Full-Length Albums, 

You deserve the best in life. So thank you!

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You are truly GLORIOUS! Thank you for being so giving. You'll get all the previous rewards, plus your name will be included in scrolling credits on official videos.

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About Marc Gunn

If you love Marc Gunn's music and it brings a smile to your heart, then become a patron, because your generosity will allow me to create new music for you!

  • DOWNLOAD new singles and rough mixes of new songs.
  • LISTEN to exclusive behind-the scenes podcasts
  • WATCH live streaming video shows and official music videos
  • SUPPORT Celtic music and Geek culture as Celtic Geek! Become a Gunn Runner!

What most people do is they listen to my endless hours of free music and entertainment without ever showing their appreciation. The Gunn Runners Club lets you be different and show your love and support for my hard work by giving a few bucks each month.

Who is Marc Gunn?

My name is Marc Gunn. I'm a Celtic Geek. That means I fuse Irish and Scottish songs with science fiction and fantasy.

I started making Celtic Geek music in 1999 with the Brobdingnagian Bards, without even knowing it. Now I perform at numerous conventions around the nation, often times as a Guest of Honor, wearing my kilt and singing songs about Joss Whedon's Firefly, J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek and other fun Nerd Pub Songs.

I have released over 20 solo albums since I launched my solo career in 2009. I'm also a professional podcaster, hosting the top Celtic music podcast in the world. I love making and sharing music. I want you to be part of my journey.

Why Should You Pledge?

I am an independent musician. I make a living because my fans love my music and want me to keep making it. Your generosity enables me to make new music and share it through podcasts, videos and of course audio recordings. 

When you join the Gunn Runners Club, you get lots of music and entertainment. But you also get my deepest thanks. You are a hero in my book. You are true Patron of the Arts!

I can't wait to share cool stuff with you!

Here's how it works:

Every month, I create and share music, podcasts, videos and more with you. In return, you make a small monthly pledge of $1, $12, $25 or even a $100 to support my art. (I can dream right?) Any amount is great and helps me realize my dream. It also gets you new music.

Your generosity allows me to create and share new music. Plus, you get monthly music in the Geek Pub Songs, fun adventures in Celfather Music & Travel, and a Behinds the Scenes look at the life of a musician. 

Plus, every month, I'll send you at least one free song or video.

If you want to get an idea of what kind of things you'll get, check out these cool rewards. You get ALL of these, plus everything to come... All for as little as $1!

I also record an exclusive podcast called Stories from the Road for my Behind-the-Scenes patrons. I usually record it while driving to or from a gig. I open my heart and share my successes and failure, and my hopes and dreams for the future. It's a special inside look into the life of this musician.

Some have told me that they feel silly contributing a dollar a month.

I can understand that. But imagine if everyone of my fans around the globe contributed a mere buck a month, I'd have a full-time income playing music! 

There really is no amount that is too small to support my music!

And the money doesn't just help me. It helps my whole family. Your dollar puts food on our table, clothes my wife and two daughters. It pays for cat food and litter for our three kitties. It protects us from financial ruin when the air conditioning goes out or a hole is blown in the engine of one of our cars (both happened).

Of course, if you want to contribute more, you don't have to follow the levels. Any amount is awesome.
$5 per month is brilliant.
$15 per month, wow!
And I'm still hoping for that $100 level. ;-)

Just do me a small favor and make a pledge. Show how much you appreciate all that I share for you.

And in the spirit of sharing...

Would you like some Free MP3s?

I want you to get to know my music. To that end, here are a few free MP3s for you to get started with. No strings attached. You don't need to sign up to Patreon or a mailing list. Just right-click save the MP3 to your computer and enjoy.

Of course, if you do enjoy these songs, please consider joining the Gunn Runners Club so I bring you more free music!

Would you like some Free Podcasts?

I started the Pub Songs Podcast in July 2005, just months after podcasting became an official "thing". The show has undergone MANY name and format changes over the years. I always felt like the name didn't actually tell you what the show was about.

You see, the Pub Songs Podcast is my personal podcast. I share at least one song from myself in every episode. I also share some of my favorite Celtic musicians from my Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. And I share music from some of my favorite indie Geek bands. And that's not all!

I also talk. I share thoughts and Stories from the Road along with updates of upcoming shows and new things related to my music career. 

This is THE PLACE to be a part of the Gunn Runner community. 

And while I do share some Stories from the Road in the Pub Songs Podcast. You get even more episodes when you become an official patron.

Subscribe for free. Then give the Pub Songs Podcast a listen right here.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your generosity. Slainte!
$960 of $1,000 per month
Holy wow, Batman!

This is indeed a HUGE MILESTONE. Because this means that enough people enjoy the music, podcasts, and videos that I make every month to entertain you SO MUCH that I can make a part-time income from it.

That's AMAZING! 

I will treat your generosity with the respect it deserves. 

I'm gonna dedicate at least $100 per month to seek out more people like you. We're gonna keep celebrating Celtic culture and change through music and geekdom. 

Thank you for making this possible!
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