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About Marc Juul

Hi. I'm juul. I work on:

  • sudo room - A radical community hackerspace in Oakland, CA!
  • Counter Culture Labs - An open biohacker and citizen science space in Oakland, CA!
  • People's Open Network - Open alternative internets owned and operated by the people!
  • - A disaster-resilient communications network powered by the sun
  • Real Vegan Cheese - Engineering yeast to produce real cheese protein to make real cheese without animal suffering!
  • Omni Commons - A community owned 20,000 sqft building. Home to sudo room, Counter Culture Labs and many other collectives!
  • - An open source alternate operating system for ebook readers!

I am not paid for any of this work :)

I release all material that I create under free culture license so it can be re-shared and re-mixed by anyone!

I post updates on these projects to scuttlebutt as @22YV3HX/BGClXH49ZebkcepqRpj7a9f5s0ddwhDSfxk=.ed25519.

If you want to chat I hang out on freenode IRC. You can find me on the #sudoroom channel and if you don't know how to connect you can use this.
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I will write a weekly Patreon post on progress of all of these projects to keep everyone up to date on progress and lessons learned :)
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