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About Marc Normandin

My name is Marc Normandin, and you might know me from my time at SB Nation or from both of us spending far too much time on Twitter. If either of those statements is true to you, then you know that I've made a living writing about baseball, and often do so in a politically oriented way. And, if you read the header above, you know said orientation points left, too.

My days at SB Nation are now well behind me, but my desire to write about baseball and my viewing of the sport through the lens of leftist eyes are still here with me. My hope is that you still want to read me on those very things, or, if you're new around here, that you're interested in getting acquainted with my work for the first time. You can sign up for this sports labor newsletter here: I tend to mail out 10 of these each month, and the archives can be found at

In addition to my sports writing is my video game writing. I used to review video games and edit a gaming news website, too, but that began to wear on my love of my hobby. So, I stopped and stuck to ruining just one of my joys with work, but now I'm in a position to go back to writing about video games. Old ones. On my own schedule, separate from the grind of The Discourse. You can subscribe to that newsletter here, if reading my thoughts on some Super Nintendo game from 1994 is more your speed.

Both of those newsletters are free, but only possible because folks like you support me financially and/or by telling your friends to both read and support my work. There is no paywall for either of these newsletters, but I can only devote time to and write them so long as they're paying my bills. So please, if you're able and interested, subscribe to my Patreon for as little as $1 per month to help me keep on writing things for you and others to read.

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