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My name is Marc Normandin, and you might know me from my time at SB Nation or from both of us spending far too much time on Twitter. If either of those statements is true to you, then you know that I make a living writing about baseball, and often do so in a politically oriented way. And, if you read the header above, you know said orientation points left, too.

My days at SB Nation are behind me, but my desire to write about baseball and my viewing of the sport through the lens of leftist eyes are still here with me. My hope is that you still want to read me on those very things, or, if you're new around here, that you're interested in getting acquainted with my work for the first time.

Becoming a patron will give you access to a newsletter that will publish 10-12 times per month, as well as a website featuring the same content, if you don't check your email very much. This newsletter (and website) will include all of the different kinds of content I'll produce: shortform editorials, features big and less big, reporting, my take on topical news items, reader mailbags, columns, and, of course, dumb shit that makes me laugh and I hope also makes you laugh. Or at least makes you groan and roll your eyes at me before you keep reading.

The good news about the web version of this project? You don't need an extra username to access it: there's a button right there on each story that will log you in through your Patreon account. The website also serves as a preview for some of what I'm doing for subscribers: a couple of pieces per month will be free to anyone, and you can see them all in one place here, if you need some more convincing or want to tell your friends. 

And hey, if you're one of the people who truly hated my left-leaning baseball writing, and miss being able to yell at me for writing it, well, you can now pay for the privilege to tell me as much!

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