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About Marco Rosano


My name is Marco Rosano, and I am a professional music composer.
I am from Torino.

During my 30 year career, I have written music in many different styles:
Classical, Pop, Electronic, for Commercials, Children's Music…
more than 1000 tracks.
That being said, "styles" are only words, labels; I believe that there is only ONE type of music, music that speaks to you, music that takes you on a journey, music that is able to convey emotions, energy, and life.

Classical music is one of my deepest passions.
The Stabat Mater for countertenor continuo and string orchestra that I wrote has been performed several times around the Word (Athens, Sydney, Moscow, Kinshasa, Minorca, Amsterdam, Gloucester, Albuquerque...), you can listen to some excerpts below:

My spiritual quest has led me to create a Requiem composition; your help will be used to write the score, pay musicians, record, mix and master the Requiem album, you can listen to the first movement here:

As a patron, you will have exclusive access to preview and download all new Requiem tracks, as soon as they become available (four until now).

The "analog music" album is progressing as well, live studio music: analog music

Other projects in working progress include a Full Length new Lyric Opera, an album of Children's Prayers, a Lullabies Album, Soundtracks Albums, and an American Pop album... the future is exciting!
All of these projects have many finished tracks, they only require time and money to complete. 

I have independently published all my works in the past, and my desire is to continue to work in this way; your contribution will support my vision.

Everything until now has been possible with the help of my family and friends, so today I am happy to ask for additional patronage to help me thought the next leg of my journey.
Creative freedom is what has allowed me to write my music.

I see Patreon as an opportunity to invest my time in my craft, to connect with more friends and grow together, to share my passion and my love.

If you like my music this is your opportunity to help me to achieve more, to be part of my creative process, sharing your time, your passion, your money.

By becoming a Patron you will have access to special rewards and instantly to all the posts, containing 4 complete albums (the "Lullabies", "Solo Piano", "Revelation" and "Soundtracks Vol.1" albums) and 35 unpublished tracks.

Love you!
Marco Rosano

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Happy life!

More videos on my YouTube Channel
Get in touch with facebook
The Stabat Mater on Amazon
Sheet music here: Stabat Mater Music Score
31% complete
I am writing a new Requiem mess; the "Requiem","Kyrie", "O Domine", "Agnus Dei" are recorded.

The entire work will be +/- 45min long.
Your help will be used to write the score, pay musicians, record, mix and master the Requiem album. 
You will have access to exclusive previews and downloads of every new track, as soon as they become available.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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