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About Marcus Martin

Hey, I'm Marcus, I write fast-paced dystopian thrillers. My debut novel CRISIS, won gold at the 2018 Global eBook Awards, bronze and the Readers' Favorite Awards, and was awarded an IndieB.R.A.G. Medallion for sci-fi. This summer I'll be releasing the fourth and final part of my epic Convulsive series, and launching a couple of new (top secret) creative projects. Here's the best bit: you can be part of it all.

Do you ever get itchy?

Writing's the itch I've gotta scratch. Every day. It's literally what gets me up at the crack of dawn. Every spare moment I have is spent creating.

I managed to produce my first two novels while working full-time. That was HARD. But like I say, itchy. Gotta get the words out. 

This year I've taken a gamble. I've slashed my working hours in half, so I can spend more time writing. I still get up at the crack of dawn to write before work, but now I have the afternoons to write too, as well as evenings & weekends. I'm living on fresh air, but I've already got new works in the pipeline to show for it - which I'll be releasing this year.

My dream is simple: to keep doing it. 

If you're game, I'm game

We're in this together. My patrons enable me to go hell for leather on this thing and create original, awesome works of fiction even faster. It's like you're pouring me a fresh, strong cup of coffee, mixed with a sprinkling of rocket fuel.

As a patron you can get a whole BUNCH of awesome rewards - check out the list on the top right!

What's the plan?

First step is to cover the essentials:

  • Space to live - I'm not a house, I'm a person. And being a person, I need a house. And also food. These enable me to continue being a person, and not become anything else's food.
  • Paying for the things - proofreaders, editors, graphic designers, web hosting, competition fees - all these essential things cost money. But they're an important part of creating high quality, polished pieces.
Second steps:

  • I'm currently working on novels & short stories. Long-term I want to expand into podcasts/radio plays, and, if we're all feeling particularly plucky, get some filmed, scripted content up and running for a Youtube channel. I've got the ideas...

Let's get itchy together

Ew, not in that way - don't make this weird, we're all here to have a good time.

Become one of my patrons and join my amazing fan base. I'll keep making more of the stuff you like, and you'll keep enjoying it - it's a great deal. The rewards are awesome, too, check out the column on the top right!
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Let's do this! You know what I'm about. And you're making it happen. You're fuelling my writing and I'm filling your literary tank. We're one heck of a team. Now let's put the pedal to the floor!
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