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If you don't want to go crazy, start out insane

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Milestone Goals
$1,000 per game/animated sketch
I'll drop whatever it is that I'm doing at the moment and go back to developing games and stuff fulltime, like in the good ol' days.
Whoah x2
$2,000 per game/animated sketch
At this stage, I'll pretty much do the same things for the same amount of time as I've promised for the previous stretch goal, but! I'll try twice as hard!!



Marcus Richert is Supporting

Hi, this is all placeholder for now, but feel free to pledge any amount you want already anyway, you won't be charged until I actually release something, be it a game or an animated sketch.

I'm Marcus and I used to make a whole bunch of whacky flash games a couple of years ago, most famously under the moniker "Raitendo". I made games like Doeo, Lee-Lee's Quest 1 & 2, Free Will - The Game, Action Turnip!!, You Only Live Once (showcased at Sense of Wonder Night at Tokyo Game Show in 2009), etc., etc.

I've been mostly busy with life the past three years but I'm hoping to get back into both developing and animating in the near future. Watch this space!
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