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link to BAB early chapters:

Marcy produces for you the masterpiece known as Beauty and the Bodyguard- a translation project in progress that'll take more than a few years to complete, even with sixty chapters a month, man.

So what is it you'll be producing, if you do decide to pledge?

Heightened Support:
I'm thinking you're already a reader and voter back at Gravity Tales, maybe even a commenter- that seems like the fair assumption if you're all the way here. You're part of the group keeping BAB up in the rankings, sooo I'm sure you'd want to support the novel here too :D

Advance Chapters:

You'll have access to early chapters depending on your pledge amount, dozens of chapters ahead of those at Gravity Tales. That, and a stool, chair, pillow, or throne, something to sit on in this space called Patronsky, which was actually supposed to be a 'wall of supporters' page you can access from the BAB menu, but I got lazy and......

Maintained Incentive:
Needless to say, the success of this Patreon page will contribute directly to me via a mental tunnel- you'll be feeding me incentive doses to constantly revitalize my will of translating BAB as I hold myself back from just reading the whole thing! What do you think happens to my mood when I wake up to more and more support, right?

So you've decided on supporting me and the novel!! Good choice, I'm sure none of us want a different translator with a different style and tone doing BAB... 

Now before you click on that support button, I'm sure you wanna know how Patreon itself works:

First thing to keep in mind is that you can stop pledging whenever you want- technically, you can pledge $250 and get access to all the early chapters and just take that out before Patreon charges you if you wanna be a real asshole. Oooor you could leave it in there and let that money go through. (There's a 'charge up front' function coming soon, so... Don't do it!!)

I've done this because there's been quite a number of instances where people abuse the pledge system for those early chapters...

Also keep in mind that you can edit your pledges whenever you want if you feel like you pledged too much (OR TOO LESS), but I've no clue how to do that so you'll have to figure that out yourself! :D

ps, please find and identify yourself in the rewards tiers- those are thank-you notes independent of how much you're pledging. Definitely look at the Esteemed Patron one first if you're a patron already. Make sure to read them, even if you just pledged one dollar!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts

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