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Mardun's surrealist preference is the personal exploration of microcosmic lucid dreams and the observance of concordant macrocosmic synchronistic phenomena, which involves the utilisation of symbolic stimuli to do so of shamanic Artistry.

When Mardun describes his own work, he uses the term Shamanism or Sorcery, which specifically alludes to the inducement of Hypnagogic Trance ingress into an engineered 'lucid dream,' wherein a practitioner of the Art can thereby consciously conjure into manifestation interactive dream characters.

The purpose of doing so is to expand consciousness by using the methodology of Art. In general, the initial meditation phase would involve the Artistic creation of a two-dimensional image, in order to implant the symbolism of the image into the dream.

Within the inner realms of a (Hexagram/Sexagram) Sixth-Sense 'lucid dream,' a two-dimensional image becomes a fully immersive three-dimensional interactive reality, which involves all Five (Pentagram) introverted senses.

Mardun does not see a division between the practice of Art and Shamanism, Sorcery, Magic or the Occult; they are indivisible from the other. Art is Sorcery, Sorcery is Art!

The Art style Mardun utilises tends to be Pop-Surrealist, which involves modern day elements covering various genres.

Mardun is versed in traditional and digital Art-forms. His main emphasis is to experience a two-dimensional image as an interactive three-dimensional reality within a lucid dream.

Mardun will use abstract and figurative forms as well as the Ninth Art of comic strips. When exploring the Ninth Art of comics, the image is fused with words of symbolic Alchemy; hence Mardun's author's name, Faustus Crow.

Mardun's work is usually of an erotic orientation since his focus is that of conjuring 'Art Muses' into lucid dreams, whose Mind-Doll (Tulpa) exquisite-corpses have been exhumed from out of the necropolis depths of Mardun's infernal subconscious, and thence knit-together of personified desires, which are then animated into dream life by his electrified focus.

Some may consider such creativity as being politically-incorrect. Mardun does not care what others say, at all, whose thought-policing is merely an Orwellian Ring-Pass-Not, he leaps over of dream Yoga!

A Tantric Tibetan Buddhist would otherwise call the Art Muses, Dakinis, who are aspects of Shakti, the psychologist Carl Jung termed as being the Anima.

In other words, an Art Muse for Mardun is not a quaint concept, the Muse is an experiential reality, when to conjure her Anima aspect into an interactive microcosmic lucid dream, which then leads to the macrocosmic observance of concordant synchronicities.

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My present goal is to create more traditional Artwork; whether it is drawings, paintings and comic strip work, which requires me to acquire much needed Art equipment, such as canvases, oil paints, watercolours and decent brushes, etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 100 exclusive posts

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