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Tip Jar!

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School Special!

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For COMICS WORKSHOP teachers & students who want to keep in touch!  This level includes: Patron-only posts + occasional surprises to share with your school chums... 

Mostly Monthly Mini-Comics!

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+ Patron-only posts

+ mini-comics (6-12 per year)  
(Choose PDF and/or by US mail)  [US addresses only]

The artist reserves the right to decorate envelopes.

Graphic Novel Club!

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All lower level rewards, PLUS:  

+ 1 signed & sketched copy of each graphic novel (or similar project) upon completion.  [US addresses only]

Graphic Novel Combo!

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Lower level rewards, PLUS:  

+ 1 signed & sketched copy of a previous graphic novel, while I'm working on the next one... [US addresses only]  

+ some other secret bonus stuff...

"Surprise Me!"

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All lower level rewards, PLUS this:  


"Wow!  Thanks for your above & beyond support.  I will tuck some special surprises