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About Marek Bennett

Hi there -- I'm Marek, & I draw webcomics & indie graphic novels.  Welcome to my online open studio for patrons, featuring whatever I'm drawing & working on at the moment!

I post a lot of my comics on my site for schools & libraries to use for free.  This Patreon is where I share various steps of my creative process, from research & design to drawing & editing to final production of complete books.  

I hope you'll BECOME A PATRON & help me make these all-ages comics available to more readers, schools, & libraries.  You'll get full access to what I post here: sneak peeks / special notes / mini-comics & printable PDFs / ...even goodies by mail!  
THANKS for being a part of this work -- I really value your participation & feedback on this site.  

Currently in progress (& posting):

Other recent stuff to check out:

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I have a couple 24-hour comics characters who really deserve their own full-color poster artwork...  Every patron gets a post, PDF, or print copy! 
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