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Swan Storytelling thru photography

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Have you been inspired by the sacred soul connections to the Trumpeter Swans?

Photos and now memories of Stanley and Stella swan that I watched raise babies for three years before Stella died in Dec 2019, will be dedicated to this photographs of their life. 

Past, present and future picture stories will be placed under this Tier.

Thank you for your supporting my photography and record keeping of these magnificent bird!

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Ebook- Return of the Trumpeter Swans

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Two forthcoming books about the Trumpeter Swans are in progress now,
"Return of the Wild Trumpeter Swans"

Be a part of these books with a thank you mention.

Support Margarit as she shares the Miracle Swan story as she rewrites, "Return of the Wild Trumpeter Swans." Thank you for your donations of this Tier means you get access to the first drafts of the "Return of the Wild Trumpeter Swans" ebook

You will also help with the marketing,
Margarit has been wearing many hats with a few volunteers to spread the beauty and story of the swans via a photography, video, Social Media meme's,
Instagram account, FB page and group, youtube channels all Trumpeter related.

You will get exclusive content while Staying in touch with the continuing efforts to spread awareness and love of the Trumpeter Swans.
Bringing back a species from the brink of extinction
miracles, heroes, and dreams coming true, tragedy and triumph, this story has it all.

About Margarit Brigham

Margarit is a storyteller, recordkeeper, author, photographer, retired yoga teacher & coach who has been very altruistic with both humanitarian projects and fighting for a cause of the Ontario Trumpeter Swans since 2018. 

 2021 Beautiful OntarioTrumpeter Swan Calendar Order Today

I'm very excited to announce Swan Advice Etsy shop Swan merch at Etsy
Motivational quotes paired with my photography on mugs, magnets and more.

Coming in 2021 a $5.00 pledge for downloadable posters right here on Patreon.
Your support is highly appreciated as I continue to be a spokesperson for these majestic birds.


Sept 9, 2019 - Erin and Orangeville Newspaper 
Trumpeter Swans from Tragedy to Triumph

July 15, 2020 - Orangeville and Toronto online
Where did the Stanely Park Swans go? Woman carrying on legacy of couple who brought them there

Proud Achievements from this site: 2018 -2020

*Two Fundraising Calendar's for Trumpeter Swans

*First Ebook published

 Now available!!

"Return of the Wild;" "Trumpeter Swan & Human Soul Journey" 

Order today and download immediately to your phone or computer $9.99 CND Paypal

Soul Stories- Hero story
This ebook is A Heartwarming tale told in Short Stories, meet Jacob and Rachael and a Swan called Lucky, read the 25 years of Mr. and Mrs. Souls Labour of Love, its History, its Tragedy and Triumph and it is soul food at its finest and now I am the next generation taking root.

Connecting people with Swans and Nature to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share.  

Fundraising for the Ontario Trumpeter Swans -Both Calendars are out of print

* 2019- Donation from Swan Calendars $160.00

to Trumpeter Swan Coalition

*2020 - Donation from Swan Calendars $50.00

to Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration 

 2020 calendar storybook.

Another Fundraiser Calendar bringing awareness and support for the Trumpeter Swans. The 2020 calendar is more of a storybook, you will meet the people who helped bring the Trumpeter Swans back from the brink of extinction and to repopulate them once more in their native home of Ontario, and how this population is spreading into the States. You will meet the swans and see beautiful images of them in their natural habitat. An inspiring story of tragedy to triumph!

The Swans have brought a community together, and I am grateful to bring a balance of the trumpeter's Beauty to this world that surrounds us with bad news all the time.

You will read and be inspired by the labour of love and what's real, authentic, wholesome, pure and what is good about humanity.

It's a story the whole family will appreciate.

Did you Know? Trumpeter Swans were once extinct between 1880’s until 1983. That is close to a decade!

The reintroduction was a long process.
It all began with one man, Harry Lumsden, a retired biologist with an idea to leave a legacy, the return of the Trumpeter’s to their Native Home of Ontario which had zero Swans; they were hunted to near extinction.
In 1982 they located a Trumpeter Swan colony in a secluded Alaska Valley and he was given six eggs.

Then in1993 the Toronto Star wrote about the efforts of Harry Lumsden to save the endangered Trumpeter Swans. This inspired a local couple, Jim and Norma Soul, to become involved as licensed volunteers with the Trumpeter Swan Restoration Program. At that time there were less than 300 Swans in all of North America.

With the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Soul it took 15 long years before the first cygnets (babies) were born to their bonded swans. The local ponds that have the offspring besides Stanley Park is; Lake Roman, Hillsburgh Mill Pond and the Grand River in Elora.

The population is growing in Ontario and even into the US; the next step is to keep this population healthy and well cared for. One of the best ways is to keep these birds wild by not feeding them.

The Soul’s have retired after 25 years and have left behind their memoirs about the swan’s fragile comeback and the history of these magnificent birds.

Two Forthcoming books be the first to see,

Become a member 

You get the exclusive content of literal soul connections between humans and swans that I refer to as soul food. Stories told through various media about the Majestic Trumpeter Swans that were almost extinct. 

Support Margarit as she wears many hats to spread the beauty and story of the swans via photography, video, & Social Media meme's, newspaper articles.

I am working mostly solo spreading swan beauty on social media sites I began, while leaving a trail of beauty and a hero's comeback story.

Forthcoming book- Nature Heals

"The Miracle Healing Swan Story; Trumpeter Swans coming home and healing a community."

This True story is being written and recorded directly at the site since 2018. . It is the book that tells of my connections to swans, to a soul family, literally, and healing a Fall from Grace with the help a small town and an online community.

The journey is an ongoing story, and by becoming as a member of this tribe, you'll get exclusive behind the scene swan reports, videos and photos. 


How meditating with the swans helped me find healing and hope in difficult situations. Much of the Miracle story of 2018 has been documented at this Patreon page.

 Forthcoming book -Swans Stories for the Soul

 Swans and the serenity of watching them by two local ponds have healed me from deep soul wounds and can help others too.

Study after study shows that merely viewing or experiencing natural or pleasing landscapes is measurably beneficial to one's mental health.

"May All Beings live in Beauty."

Margarit Brigham

Youtube channel -Ontario Trumpeter Swans

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Instagram - Ontariotrumpeterswans

Youtube channel- Ontario Trumpeter Swans

Facebook page- Friends of Trumpeter Swans

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