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About Maria

Let here be Art

"I went to the future and I came back with a message:
Don't fuck with what you don't understand."

- The Riddler from "The Soul in the Machine"

Welcome to my Patreon Page, I'm so glad you decided to pop in! I write stories, and sometimes collaborate with other artists on different projects. My main project is a collection of short stories called "The Soul in the Machine", set in a post-apocalyptic world where people have become extinct and machines have taken over the planet. But things take a change for the worse (or better) in the first chapter when the first rains start to fall after thousands of years. The first story is publicly available and free for all to read, but subsequent stories will only be available to Patrons. If you would like to support me to write more stories like these, please consider donating a dollar or two for every 'thing' that I produce. I am currently illustrating the opening scene of the second installment, so there will be some graphics to enjoy too! I want to share more than just the stories on Patreon - think drawings, character sketches, histories and more!

This page is affiliated with the powerful force that is TreeSisters. I donate 20% of the income I generate through this page in aid of their charity that is aiming to radically accelerate tropical reforestation by engaging the unique feminine consciousness, gifts and leadership of women everywhere and focusing it towards global action.

TreeSisters are planting well over one million trees per year, and they are now calling for women to plant one million trees per month, by becoming a treesister and contributing monthly to tropical reforestation. By donating here you are helping to reforest the planet and also help me to continue writing stories, and for that I cannot express my gratitude enough in the limited medium that is the English language. 

Thank you.
$3 of $800 per creation
Whaaaat?? If I reach $800 in earnings, I would really love to look at turning some of the stories into short films in collaboration with some of my friends. Think animation, shadow puppets, stop-film... Yes please!
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