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is creating Giving Back Journals: Lessons Learnt from 20 Years on the Road

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$60 a year will help me buy teaching resources for the schools I help out, and to deliver teacher training workshops. You'll also receive new chapters every month as they're written, and a signed paperback when the book is published. 

Teacher training workshops

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$120 a year will help me buy teaching resources for the schools I help out, and to deliver teacher training workshops. You'll also receive new chapters every month as they're written, and two signed paperbacks when the book is published. 



About Maria Doyle

20 years on the road as a traveller, roving English teacher, teacher trainer and as a big believer in 'giving back' brings about a shed load of stories - from black mail, to evacuation due to civil unrest, detention as an illegal alien, deportation and surviving multiple organ failure, I've travelled through 39 countries (to date), worked with over 90 cultures and been on 16 overseas postings before creating a second base for myself in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’ve often said if I was any stronger I’d be forged steel, but I don’t take back a second of any of the hair-raising adventures I’ve taken myself on. Each one of those experiences has transformed me and I don’t regret a single one of them. I have lived and loved to the very fullest, taken every opportunity by the horns, slept rough, eaten with Presidents, built houses with the poorest locals on the planet, I’ve been head over heels in love and desperately heartbroken by the people who I’ve cared about the most but nothing has transformed me the way that the past 6 years have. Part of this transformation has been about getting back to what I really love doing, and that is writing, travelling, learning more about culture, and understanding the most complex conundrum on the planet - what makes people tick. 

I've got enough stories to keep a road trip entertained for hours and so this is my mission - to translate the journals and the diaries, the blogs and the emails I've collected over the past 20 years into a series of short stories, which will eventually be turned into traditional paperbacks and audio books, narrated of course by the lead character - moi! Every story brings with it a healthy dose of giggle snorting and a life lesson of some description, carefully curated and written from the heart of what those experiences taught me. 

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me 'so when are you writing the book?' I'd have enough to self publish this book 10 times over - so I'm mixing things up a bit and putting forward a proposal. I promise a new chapter every month to all those who are contributing to the cause. Not only will you read the chapters as they're compiled, you'll also be gifted a paperback when it's published, and I'm promising that every dollar donated, goes directly to the resources that a school in need, needs - books, pens, hardware, software, whatever that school needs to create a better learning environment for their students.

I also promise to deliver a day of training, on the house - teacher training, curriculum development, whatever the school needs to up-skill their staff and make learning something that every kid in that school is excited about turning up for.

So. The longer it goes on, the more chapters will be written and the more schools will be helped. Who's in? Many thanks to my Auntie Pam who planted this seed a few years ago, by turning up on my doorstep with a manila envelope full of the stories I'd written over the years, saying 'Maria, write the book'. 

Create quality learning experiences; create real change in the world. Create stories that change lives and make the world a better place to be.
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Once a year, I'll donate a day of help to schools in need - the donations will go towards supplying basic teaching and learning materials, and I'll also deliver a day of teacher training, curriculum or resources development, depending on what the schools need.

I will bear all the costs of the getting the training to the schools; the money donated will go towards providing the physical resources needed to make their learning environment more accessible, fun, communicative and learner centred.
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