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  • You will have immediate access to a library of over 200 real time videos plus hundreds of pencil sketches for download, content that has been uploaded prior to August 2019; You need to use this index to find tutorials:
*There's NO NEW content/Videos added to $6 TIER. ALL NEW Content/Tutorials with VOICEOVER/sketches are only Accessible under $9 TIER.

*Not all videos on YOUTUBE are available as REAL TIME Videos on Patreon and real time videos UNDER this tier DO NOT have voiceovers.

  • Once a month I share a "PREVIEW post" with (10-13) my most recent paintings - my Patrons get to help me choose which paintings will become future Tutorials with Voiceovers (only under $9 tier). 

  • Anytime you would like to take a class on Teachable, as a current student ( ) you are entitled to 20% off any classes. Promo code is attached to this tier but in case you can't see it (mobile users) please message me right away.

The Ultimate Student Tier

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ALL BENEFITS from $6 Tier plus...

  • NEW TUTORIAL with VOICEOVER every FRIDAY 😀Plus pencil sketches for download, color swatches, reference photos, information on all art supplies I used and more. (That's 4/5 VoiceOver tutorials each month)

Use this index to search for Voiceover tutorials on Patreon:
**20% off promo code for all teachable classes attached below.

***About tutorials with voiceover: on Patreon I am adding voiceovers to already recorded videos while on teachable I talk while I am painting. On teachable you have exercises and sometimes classes within classes. On teachable each class takes me weeks to complete, while adding voiceovers to Patreon videos is much easier so I can create a new tutorial every a week. 
( )

Kindness Tier - Support your Creator

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Support your Creator (plus all benefits from $6 and $9 Tier)

  • This tier is simply created if you feel like giving a little bit more

I have received many messages from my patrons why don't I charge more per month? 

I want my content to be affordable, available to everyone but creating requires a lot of time and money. The more involved I became with Youtube, Patreon, Instagram, Teachable, running my website and of course painting, recording, editing, camera, external drives, lights, supplies etc the more support I need. I never liked the idea of donations but if you are already my Patron, this is just an option to give more xx



About Maria Raczynska

Hi Friends 👩🏻🎨

BEFORE YOU JOIN PLEASE READ THIS FIRST so you don't end up paying for two months back to back.
This is important for all my NEW Patrons!

When you join you get charged right away for the current month, after that you get charged like everyone else on the 1st of the next month.
It's important to know this because Example: A new patron joins our Patreon community on February 25th for $9 per month. You will be charged $9 on the day you join, February 25th (for February patronage). Then on March 1st, 3 days later, you will be charged $9 for March patronage. Again, because it's another month. So to get a full month of your money's worth you may want to consider joining on or after the 1st of a month.
(All my current Patrons always get charged on the 1st of each month)

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP is available now - if you pledge for the entire year you save 10%!

2. TO SEARCH FOR POSTS on PATREON Use this INDEX (with images):
Please copy and save - it will save you hours of searching for a tutorial or a sketch.

3. TO MANAGE Your membership (upgrade, delete your pledge, find benefits etc) please click here where you will find the instructions: HOW TO
4. Please refer to Tiers to see your rewards 😃

5. I have created a community outside of Patreon for all students across all platforms where I teach, you can join as long as you are a student:

Follow me on instagram: @maria_morjane

If you are looking for more detailed classes (longer/I talk while I am painting) go to:
School #2
School #3

75% complete
Hi Friends☀️ Thank you so much for your support. Your support has been helping me tremendously! Thanks to you I am able to teach watercolors full time. Yes it’s because of you :)

When I first started Patreon my original goal was to quit my regular job to become a teacher, once my goal has reached 50% I was able to completely quit my regular job to become a full time teacher, thanks to you!
As I have been slowly reaching my goal - now I am able to invest in better equipment to record my videos.

Without your support I would have to go back to my regular job and in results I would not have the time to paint, create videos, posts, classes. I would not be able to deliver much content.

My second biggest goal is to be able to rent a small studio space for my art creating. I live in a small place and I don't have much room or privacy when I paint/create my classes. My goal is to start giving lessons in that studio, 1:1 with one student or small groups of 2-4 people at a time.

Thank you so much 💖

Come join our community and share your work with us!
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