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About Maria Webster

My friends!

My name is Maria Webster, and while I am and have done many things, I have always been an artist. As a singer and songwriter and guitarist, I make music and share it with everyone with the time and heart to listen, and as a writer, I weave tall tales and share them with whoever cares to read.

I don't just *want* to do this. I AM DOING THIS.

Come with me!

That's where Patreon comes in. That's where YOU come in.

I WANT TO DO MORE THINGS. In no particular order, I've got the following in process or on deck:

  • Working with a videographer to make quality music videos
  • Streaming LIVE CONCERTS monthly via Concert Window
  • Adding a more visual component to my larger shows including real-time graphics
  • Getting back into the studio to record my next TWO EPs
  • Attending a writers conference this fall
  • Submitting a novel for publication consideration by the end of 2019
  • Compiling an optimal musician's press kit for courting colleges and universities
This is HAPPENING, but to do these things, I need your help, because your help allows me to focus on making art and sharing it with people. 

If you pledge a set amount every month, you'll be supporting all of this ongoing powerful awesomeness. So, if you're already a supporter of my work in other ways, this is the next step for both of us.

You'll become a patron of my work, and I -


Much love and light to you, my friends. 

And thank you for supporting my work. 
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Getting the word out! Meeting this goal will allow me to cover minor equipment costs (I'm out of decent picks! The quarter inch cable is broken! Where are the extra pickup batteries?!)  and also provide consistent seed funding for boosting posts and gig posters.
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