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About Maridah

Hi, I'm Maridah! Cosplay is what I love to do. You can help me do more of it!
I've been making costumes and cosplaying for 17 years. It is my passion! I dedicate my nights and weekends to working on costumes & photos because I love creating fan work. This club of contributors helps me fund new projects on a monthly basis.

Our process is pretty simple. I construct and source costumes based on a concept or character for me to model. I discuss with my partner in crime Kevin (who is also a cosplayer) what we want to create for the month. We decide on when, where, and how to set it up! He makes me look nice on camera while I try not to blink a ton or make strange faces. We go through the post process together & ultimately come up with something to share with you guys!
We're anime & video game fans who genuinely love that we get to cosplay and create things. 

If you'd like to be part of my cosplay process, 
What is in it for you? My thanks and…

  • Subscriber Only Discord Channel! Join me for discussions in a subscriber only channel of my Discord server.
  • Guides and Tutorials! Occasionally when I have techniques to pass along I'll make a guide. Every member will have access to guides and tutorials I make & post from time to time here. 
  • BTS & Updates! See behind the scenes and updates on my current projects.
  • First look at photos! $5+ contributors have early access to photoshoot photos. You'll see photos before everyone else!
  • Patron Exclusives! Select photos are patron exclusives for $5+ tiers available to view here only!
  • Wallpapers! $5+ contributors have access to HD Wallpapers not available elsewhere.
  • Patron photo catalogue! I cycle through photos on my website periodically, so contribute $5+ and you’ll have easy access to past photoshoots shared here.
  • Prints & Posters! Contribute to various tiers to receive a print monthly! Shipping is included in each pledge tier. If you live outside the US and wish to contribute a slightly larger amount to cover the increased shipping cost that is appreciated but totally optional.
  • Digital Books! Gold & Platinum tiers will receive PDF booklets of photoshoots!
  • Store Discounts! $5+ subscribers get coupon codes that can be used in my website store. Subscribe & message me to get yours anytime!

Join this Print Club to receive new posters each month!

  • For $10 you can opt to receive a signed 4”x6” print sent out monthly. They are postcard sized and good for people with limited wall space!
  • For $20 you’ll get a bigger 8.5”x11” print. 
  • For $50 you will receive 3 11"x17" posters each month, and a digital pdf booklet for photoshoots!
  • For $100 you’ll get 3 huge 13”x19” posters each month, a digital pdf booklet for photoshoots, plus instant photos! 
No wall space for posters? Sign up for the new All Digital tier to receive a PDF Monthly Calendar and Booklet based on each month's photoset!

After printing & shipping costs are covered, the remainder of contributions go directly towards future projects via costume and photography supplies & equipment, any location permit fees or travel expenses, and website costs. 

If you start a pledge or raise your pledge any time during the month you'll be charged immediately, then billed on the 1st of following months. Physical rewards are sent out at the end of the month.

Please note: I do not produce boudoir or adult content. My account does not contain lingerie sets at any reward tier. If you want to see me wear a bunch of costumes though, you've come to the right place!
93% complete
I'll break even on the average month's costume & set decoration costs (Including service fees, poster production, and postage expenses.) 
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