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With this tier, you will be able to claim your donator rank in-game and on the social platforms. And you receive a 100 chips bonus to use in flash, what an awesome deal!

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With this tier, you can also claim a support rank on our social platforms and in-game, and you receive a 250 chips bonus to use in flash as always. This is for the real supporters, chief!

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Impressive! With this tier, you can claim an 'Ultimate Hero' or 'Ultimate Supporter' ranks on our social platforms, and you receive a whoppin' 400 chips bonus! This is for the real impressive supporters.


Hello there.
This is my Patreon site. I am one of the developers of Galaxy Life Reborn and I am responsible for almost every service Galaxy Life Reborn runs on, from website and forum services to the actual flash servers.

Currently I have a lot of servers to host for this project, which takes a lot of cents away from me every month. I would appreciate it if the community would help me to cover these costs. Every amount is appreciated and will support the project.

If you have donated, I really appreciate the support. You can easily contact me here or on Discord, forums, email, or whatever to claim your rewards and receive a personal thank you from me. Thank you for the support on Galaxy Life Reborn.

I have a cool team where I work with too, you can also consider donating to them as support or help. I have listed the Patreon links of my awesome team below here.

Have a nice day.

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