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Mention your Patreon user name in a bug report, feature request, or pull request, and I will respond more speedily and be more willing to go out of my way to address your problem or review your code.

The larger your donation, the more goodwill you get from me.

(But note that if our conversation does end up in a disagreement, your contribution does not entitle you to anything. If I think a patch or feature is a bad idea, I'll try to provide you with alternatives, but I won't integrate said feature or patch. The quality of the software remains my primary concern.)




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About Marijn Haverbeke

Open software forms a common resource that we all benefit from. It is always there to experiment with, learn from, improve, and, of course, build other software on top of. I have written quite a lot of open software (and a book):

Problem is, some of that software is actually popular. That means I get a lot of email—bug reports, questions, feature requests. Some of those just require for a short response, others require serious thinking and programming to handle. Through this work, the software keeps getting better. And thus, more popular.

Maintenance of these projects takes up 40-60% of my work time. In a way, this is rewarding—I see my software being used everywhere, and get the satisfaction of further perfecting my own creations. But, just like everybody else, I need an income to exist. And it sometimes grates to spend all this time creating value, yet have it be largely uncompensated. Thus, I'm asking people who benefit from my work to contribute a monthly amount, providing me with an income and giving me more peace of mind and more time to make my creations better.
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Having users of my software provide me with a basic income allows me to continue seriously maintaining the software.
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