Marijn Poels

is creating Independent films for stimulating free thinking and debate
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About Marijn Poels

Great that you made it to my Patreon page! My name is Marijn Poels, a European independent documentary maker since 2008. Editing and creating my stories in a tree-house in the East of Germany. It has become my biggest aim to getting out there looking for important, sometimes unpopular, stories to educate, provoke and inspire. Stimulating free thinking and light up democracy and dialog. Aware but away from the mainstream narrative, creating thought-provoking stories where I can offer people to think independently about important themes. It's all about creating a drinking pool for the free spirit, where everybody is welcome.

"I don’t have answers but I can ask questions, which I mostly do"

I like to make documentaries for you! So with Patreon I want to connect with you and invite my patrons to create a collection bin of ideas and inspiration together. You can add stories, ideas, feelings and perspectives into the "Patreon Pool".  You also can be a part of my monthly Q&A where I'm trying to answering as much as possible questions. 

Oh yeah... The more Patreons the sooner my films are for free on You-Tube!

Have a look at my video below for the current documentary "EDEN" (part of a trilogy) were I'm currently working on.


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