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At a support level of $10 a month—which amounts to about 45 cents per weekday edition of the Marijuana Moment newsletter—you get the satisfaction of knowing that you're providing resources I need to keep you and so many other people informed about cannabis policy developments on a daily basis.

I will ALSO personally thank you by name (if you want) in an issue of the newsletter.

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Showing your support for Marijuana Moment with $25 a month goes above and beyond in helping me put together the most comprehensive coverage of marijuana news anywhere.

At this pledge level, you get access to our Bill Tracker that lets you follow progress on key cannabis legislation in all 50 states and Congress.

PLUS you get the newsletter shoutout from the previous tier.

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Wow. $50 a month is a huge show of support for how Marijuana Moment keeps movement and industry insiders informed about all the most important news that they need to know. You should feel good about that.

ALSO, If you commit to this level of generous support I'll personally thank you in the footer of *every single edition* of the newsletter -- with a link to your website or Twitter feed AND list you on our website (if you want). Plus you can use our Bill Tracker to follow progress on marijuana legislation.



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