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"A quark is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter."
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"Atoms are the smallest neutral particles into which matter can be divided by chemical reactions."
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"A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds."

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About Marina Albero Project "MAP"

Welcome to my Atelier! Thanks for visiting, please come in:)
So excited we found each other today. I've been dreaming about the existence of such a virtual platform where to connect just you and me.  
I started performing and playing music as a child with my parents on the streets of Spain, France, and Italy. For years I also played in much more formal stages but I was missing an interaction with the audience. Therefore a few years later, I started a Live Crowdsourcing Experience with my best friend in Barcelona in 2011 called Art Just, located in Gaudi's first building in the city. The whole project was a blast in terms of creativity and communication with our neighbors and patrons. We hosted all ages jam sessions, concerts, workshops, video filming or culinary events.
My first recording as a leader is uploaded it to a few online stores. Moving forward, I started posting and uploading recordings to Soundcloud and videos onto my Facebook band page as a manifestation of a simple need I have always had: Making And Sharing My Music, mmm... I am never going to stop doing it, I can't escape from that! As a result: Mikrotunes (impressions of spontaneous musical thoughts that usually would vanish in the air). At this point I was just celebrating the immediateness of my phone technology that allowed me to record and upload my little improvs or tunes like a sketchbook or a travel log!

Now here we are at Patreon! Which means a huge step forward in my humble music world! I am already enormously grateful for all the support I have here in Seattle since I moved from Barcelona two years ago. My music is warmly welcomed by musicians, media and listeners and that's why I feel the courage to launch this project here. Because of you. Because I need your action to move forward and producing all the things I have on my list: monthly duos recordings with my talented friends whom make my creativity raise up, finishing up my String Quartet, release a CD maybe a vinyl per year, creating new experiences during my concerts along with the audience, getting a pedalboard for my hammered dulcimer (psalterium),  creating music across the ocean and recording with my pals from La Havana, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, New York and wherever they might be after all these nomad years of my life.

Many new things to come and many special rewards for you: exclusive tunes, musical video hangouts, exclusive concerts, discussions about new ideas, pdf's of my tunes,.. 

Let's do it together! it's new, exciting! You and I together!
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Assuring I can pay the video and audio team (lots of hours and professional gear involved) and also pay my musicians friends so I'm not always by myself!
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