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Level 6

reward item
reward item
per month
✰ Get to see Full page Draft of the comic pages 1 - 2 weeks early
✰ Get to see the FINISHED comic pages 24 hours early before publish
✰ Shout out in my videos on Youtube
✰ Your name will feature in BBTIM Webtoon
✰ Step by step tutorials and download file of the artwork.
✰ Gets to vote in the poll 

Includes Discord benefits

Level 66

reward item
reward item
per month
Same as the Level 6 Tier but with extra:

⛤ Early character designs
⛤ Secret Character designs (more bbtim Lore)
⛤ Possibly more FLUFF moments
⛤ Even more Bara/Muscles or Ecchi of the characters

Includes Discord benefits

Level 666

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reward item
per month
Same as the Level 6 Tier and Level 66 Tier but with extra:

⛧ Access to AE Animatic Files (When available)
⛧ Raffle Shipping/Pairing Request of the Comic Character
⛧ Monthly Cell Shade Sketch Request of your choice!
-Waist up
-one character
⛧ Full length coloring video (NEW!)(COMING SOON)
Includes Discord benefits



About Marini4

My website:

Hi My name is Marini4! I`m an architecture student and I love to draw manga, cartoons and comic! 

What I do:
I am a full time Architect and a Part time Comic Artist. I draw for hobby. Often times I do Illustration as well! Please keep in mind that my progress is kinda slow due to study but I will try my best!

Why I open PATREON:
I open my Patreon because I work on the BBTIM comic on a daily basis and its a free to read webcomic and if you guys would like to show your support and this is the place! I wanna let you guys know is that every support counts even if its 1$. You guys have no idea that small amount of money can make a huge difference in my life such as 
-I get to buy proper food instead of instant noodles everyday
-I get to pay my university fees
-It is literally my back up money
 With that being said, thank you so much!!

What Do You Get in the Patreon?:
The rewards is based on the Tier, So the higher the Tier the more rewards you will get! You will also be able to unlock previous Tiers if you are new patron. Like wise you will get

Please PM immediately if theres any problem receiving the content and likewise so don't hesitate to show your support it a LOT to me thank you so much!!!!

10% complete

I wanna reach my goal to make Patreon as my 2nd income incase anything goes wrong with my current job in the architecture.I also would like to properly pay for my editor and and looking for a background artist so that We can work on producing the comic page faster. With that being said, The current support now you guys have no idea how much your support saved my life during my study in university consider this a thank you! But hopefully I can deliver to you guys as much content as I can!
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