Marion Boddy-Evans is creating Articles on Painting & Creative Inspiration

Wave in My Direction

$2 /mo
Wave in my direction, saying hello and sending support to keep at it. Your reward: motivating me and keeping the studio cats warm and happy. Thank you!

Towards an Art Workshop on Skye

$20 /mo
Every month's patronage accrues to 30 minutes workshop on Skye with me, either on-location at my favourite spots or indoors out of the weather. A way to plan ahead for that trip to Skye you've been...

Critique Corner

$25 /mo

Looking for constructive criticism on your painting? I will give my feedback on one of your paintings for every month's patronage, via e-mail, with the option of a follow-up if you rework the ...


Build a Flock

$49 /mo
Build your own block of little sheep paintings, each individually painted. Every month's painting will have a different background.