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You will get TWO posts per month with the next bit of the draft. So you get a front seat view for the entire messy process that is writing.

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If you choose to stay after you access the resources, you also get access to the early rough draft of Gin & Tonic as I write it. 

About Marisa Wikramanayake

Why hello there!

I'm Marisa Wikramanayake, a freelance journalist, writer and editor, currently based on Kulin land in Melbourne, Australia. 

You may know me as a freelance journalist who has written for The AgeThe New DailyThe South China Morning Post and others or as an editor for individual authors and publishers like Hachette and Fremantle Press. Or even as a mentor via places like Writers Victoria. Or as your very voluntary and elected delegate banging the table about all things ethics and freelancing and workers' rights related at the union the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

Current & recent projects

First Nations & POC Writers Count 
 - I am part of an amazing group of people working to get quantitative data on how many First Nations and POC writers are published in each genre in Australia and where the disparity and inequality lies. I support the team by providing assistance with media related concerns. 

Gin & Tonic - this is the current book I am writing and that you can read on this Patreon as I scribble out the rough first draft. It's a crime fiction book set in Sri Lanka. 

The Write With Me Livestreams - these are livestreams I am running weekly on my main Youtube channel starting in mid Jan 2021 for anyone who wants to write or work while I do. There are sprints and chats as well. I am slowly getting all my ducks in a row so we can run these without tech issues. 

In Game Chat - this is a gaming video/livestream series I run with Creatrix Tiara on my second gaming youtube channel Mari Still Playswhere we play a game and chat while we do so. We are currently working our way through Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and I am hoping to get set up tech wise to livestream via Twitch soon.

Sedition - this is the previous book I wrote. It's literary fiction and is currently with an agent to see if it can be found a home and get published. 

The journalism - I work as a freelancer so I am always pitching ideas for stories to various different outlets and publications and a lot depends on them saying yes and that yes depends on a lot of external circumstances on their end. But I like journalism so this is why I continue to work at it even as a freelancer. You can see some of my work here. I started out by writing a weekly column for The Sunday Leader.

The editing - I have a couple of big publishers and other organisations who send work my way on a somewhat regular basis but most of my work comes to me via individual authors.  

The mentoring - I can be hired through different organisations but I can also be hired one on one via my website.

Public speaking and panels - I have been on panels for the Emerging Writers Festival, Digital Writers Festival, IPED Con, Continuum, National Young Writers Festival and I am always up for a chance to chat. 

Where does the money go to?

While I might get a decent rate at times for editing, I don't always have regular work coming in. So I don't get a regular paycheck like I would if I worked in-house at a company. And that's the same for the journalism I do where I have to hope that the editors I pitch story ideas to say yes and also want to pay me a decent rate per word for the work that I do.

So income from other sources will help me a lot. It would give me money to pay an editor to edit my book and the ability to take some time and pressure off from the need to work so I can work on the book and other projects. It would help pay for particular expenses for my journalism work or for tech I need for work or other projects. 

But it would also help me support other important projects in the news and publishing communities (such as the Writers Count) either by allowing me to donate to them or giving me some breathing space to be able to contribute my time and energy to them. I would also love to support other artists and writers.

How does this work?

When you pledge to me on Patreon, you will be charged by the month for the amount you choose to donate. What I work on will change over time so some of the benefits for set amounts may change too but you can always move between tiers/amounts. You can pledge as low as $1 (though I recommend $2 because it will end up being $2 with the tax Patreon charges) or as much as you want above that. 

Patreon has many ways to pay including international credit cards.

What do you get?

You can get early exclusive access to the rough drafts of my books as I write them, or writing and freelancing resources, or behind the scenes stories of how I do my journalism work if that interests you or one on one chats with me or maybe even access to videos. You can even name characters in the books as I am hopeless with that.

The real awesome thing about this is that you can always tell me what you would like to see or get access to. I am open to ideas.

Thanks so much for supporting me. Feel free to get in touch and I will see you soon!
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When I hit $200 per month, I will be able to put $100 extra in to my superannuation account.
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