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About Marisa Kirisame

My name is Marisa and I'm a streamer, programmer, and also aspiring video game developer. I'm only just starting in this world and although I don't have any real experience, I do believe I've got potential.

You may (or may not) know me as "that one person that made that Doom video where everything was Tim Allen". Well, I can do more than just that.

Every once in a while I stream various games (mostly Doom mods) over at my Twitch channel. I'm both a camera and microphone shy person, so there's not much commentary or anything to them beyond written interactions with chat. My current environment (small house shared with parents) doesn't exactly help make things comfortable for talking or using a camera anyway.

On top of playing Doom mods, I also make them, of course. You can find many of my creations over at the ZDoom forums. Some of my better known projects include abort_m, a rather wacky weapon mod (soon to get a monster replacer and map pack) and Doom Tournament, a port of UT's weapons and other features (also getting a map pack eventually). I've also contributed to community map packs, such as 20 Heretics, Spooktober and HeXmas.

Outside of all that and for a long time, rather than just playing and modding them, I want to CREATE full games. Over the years, I weaved this massive universe with its many tales and characters, and I'd love to show it all to the world. I feel that games can do a great job for what I want. Not that this would mean I'd stop doing everything else, of course. I know for a fact some people enjoy the other things I make.

Currently, I have a small but ambitious project called .Blank. It's a first person exploration game with horror elements and a somewhat retro aesthetic, built entirely from the ground up, engine included. Though I have most of the "conceptual" part done, the real work is what remains, and I can see it's going to be a long adventure full of challenges.

Although I can't do much in exchange for now, I would really be thankful if you'd help me.

I have come here to Patreon as a suggestion of various friends. I hope that things will work out for me.

See you around.
$101.74 of $1,000 per month
No way I'll ever get this much.

At this point I can see myself moving out, living in a house I can call my own, finally free to work on what I love full time. That would make me very happy.
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