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About Marjolein Caljouw

I'm an artist based in the Netherlands.

Since 2008 I’ve been working as an artist / illustrator. I've learned a lot by working on many different projects like illustrations for magazines, made a 180m2 (2000 feet) mural in the flagship store of Esprit in Amsterdam, painted murals in hotels and lounge bars, published a book for the elderly fund, made patterns for Oilily, painted a Leica camera cover, I've explored many different areas!

With lots of love I make...
drawings and paintings. I use a variety of materials, but mostly: 
  • pencil and ink drawings.
  • acrylic paintings and oil paintings on wood, paper and canvas.   
My website:

My goal is...
to share everything that I know about drawing and painting, while working on a new series of paintings! That's why I'm sharing high quality tutorial video's here. I want to make it more accessible and help more people, that's why I set up a Patreon page! I really wanted to create something that I wanted to see when I started out and was struggling with all kind of things.

You will see in the sketch and paint tutorials....
  • Exactly how I make sketches and  paintings "step by step", with voice-over!
  • Close-up shots....not only time lapses, 'far away' shots.
  • You will see exactly what materials I'm using.
  • Video's like "how to come up with ideas" "how to draw an animal, subject or flowers" etc.

You can get access to it, by subscribing on this page, and in return, you will always get something back!

1. On the right side of this page (or below if you are watching this on your phone) you can see several different options to subscribe.
2. You can choose something that fits your need. With only $2,- you already get access to the feed. The higher the amount, the more 'rewards' you will get.
3. You will get also access to the previous posts on this page. Every month you will get access to the things you've supported.
4. You can quit any time you want!

If you are seriously seeking for tips and tricks to upgrade your skills.
Yes, this is something for you.

I wanted to create something that I wanted to see when I was younger and started out.
You can watch so many different tutorials...get little bits and pieces of information, but what I needed was a step by step plan. Something that is easy to follow, but fun at the same time.

The benefits:
  • I believe it's going to save you a lot of time, because of the step by step tutorials! :)
  • You will improve your skills in a fun way.
  • You will get valuable tips on how to build your dream portfolio.
  • You can ask questions easily.

On my YouTube channel,
I've already made video's to show you some of my tutorials.

1.  I really enjoy to give things away and send packages. This way I can really send it to people who are interested.
2. Through this page I can have MORE contact with my viewers and ask what they really want to see or learn, so I can give better valuable content!
3.  It's an opportunity to give quality tutorials for people, while working on a new series of paintings.
4. The financial support gives me more time to paint a new collection! 

Investing in good equipment

I invested in an extra camera, next to my Canon 6D MK2, bought a microphone to do the voice-overs, tripods, studio lights, close-up lenses, so I have everything ready! I'm also selling prints and do give-aways once in a while.

My shared content
I share a lot of content on  Instagram, my Facebook and and Youtube, and reply as much as I can to questions and messages.

I hope you will get just as excited as I am to start this journey!

0% complete
- Creating more paintings, means more prints, more art available!
- More time to edit video's, so more tutorials and better content.
- Upgrading software like, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, camera, lenses, printer for giclee prints, ink, fine art paper.
- Materials, woodpanels, brushes, paint, pencils, paper.
- Shipping material and extra goodies.
- Traveling to exhibitions so I can share that as well with you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 102 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 102 exclusive posts

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